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Past Boxes


Help your best friend live a higher quality of life by sending them a curated box of health and wellness related goodies! Greenwell Pet Box works best as a monthly subscription to ensure your dog receives their wellness products on a regular basis. But if you don't like surprises or want to order just one box for a friend, you've landed on the right page! Shop our past boxes at a discounted price below!


Slice of Paradise Box


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Retail Value: $73.94

Our Slice of Paradise, tropical-themed box is here to get you prepped for summer! Get ready to hit the beaches with snacks that feature energy boosting and nutrient rich ingredients like coconut and banana. Supplements like CocoTherapy’s Coconut Power Sprinkles are a great way to boost energy naturally while also providing essential nutrients like fiber and potassium. This month’s box also contains a teeth cleaning chew toy to not only help your dog feel their best, but look their best too!

What's Inside: