Pet Releaf Longevity Boom Bar
Pet Releaf Longevity Boom Bar

Help keep your dog happy and healthy with this Hemp Protein Bar! This bar is specially formulated to aid in the health of aging senior dogs but is also a great snack for dogs of all ages.  

Pet Releaf’s CBD products are made from hemp oil extracted from the largest USDA certified hemp farm in the US. They use the entire hemp plant by extracting the oil using a super critical CO2 method, and make their products using only all-natural and organic ingredients. This Longevity Boom Bar is a great way to treat your dog while keeping them happy, healthy, and full of vibrancy and life for many more years to come!

• The bar features noni. Noni is a small evergreen tree in the Pacific Islands, Southeast Asia, Australia, and India. Noni fruit, leaves, flowers, stems, bark, and roots have been used for thousands of years to make medicine for a long list of ailments. It is a great natural supplement for skin and coat health.

• This bar also has moringa powder. Moringa is a plant that is often called the drumstick tree, miracle tree, or horseradish tree. The tree is packed with antioxidants, protein, vitamins and minerals that combat issues such as inflammation which help to reduce joint pain and swelling. 


Ingredients: USDA Organic Hemp Protein Flour, USDA Organic Hemp Hearts, Chamomile, Organic Moringa Powder, Lavender, Organic Noni Powder, Cranberries, Organic Sesame Seeds, Organic Coconut Oil, Honey, Vitamin E Mixed Tocopherols, Sunflower Lecithin