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CBD for Your Dog's Hip and Joint Pain

Here, we discuss one of the most common reasons for vet visits: hip/joint pain and stiffness. Some breeds may be especially predisposed to such ailments, but older dogs of any breed commonly experience discomfort due to hip and joint pain. Visit our CBD Guide for an overview of the benefits of CBD.

What causes hip and joint pain in dogs?

In addition to breed-specific disposition, there are other common risk factors for developing hip and joint pain in dogs:

• Age (specifically older dogs)

• Obesity and/or poor nutrition

• Repetitive actions or movements

• Serious injuries (e.g. fractures and ligament tears)

Unlike humans, animals are less expressive about their pain. While internal pain is not immediately observable to us humans, there are related symptoms that you may notice with your elderly pet. Here are some signs that may signal that your furry companion may be dealing with hip and joint pain and could benefit from using CBD.

• Stiffness

• A reluctance to move or get up that is not typical of your dog’s behavior

• Weight gain: Your dog may gain weight due to decreased activity and increased lethargy (CBD can help with lethargy in your dog, read more about CBD here).

• Unusual peeing/pooping behavior: If you start noticing accidents around the house, it may be related to your dog’s reluctance to get up or walk far to reach their usual potty location.

• Changes in behavior: Your dog may become aggressive or hide instead of being his usual friendly and active self. Or maybe instead of enjoying the usual cuddle, your pup avoids being pet or avoids people in general.

• Decreased excitement: Does your dog normally go absolutely crazy for a good frisbee session in the park but no longer seems interested in outings? As hip and joint pain becomes more likely as your dog gets older, you can use a favorite activity as a gauge for their level of pain and discomfort.

• Restlessness during sleep as your dog tries to find a comfortable position.

Can CBD help my dog’s joint pain and stiffness?

Luckily, CBD may be able to simultaneously relieve sleeplessness and restlessness in dogs, in addition to potentially providing relief for any aches. Like many other ailments that CBD can address, its uses for hip and joint pain are twofold. For those of us who have had older dogs (ordeal with hip and joint pain yourself), we know the daily discomfort that comes with chronic pain that makes even the most mundane tasks difficult.

Chronic pain can cause unsettled sleep if it is severe enough to wake your dog during the night. Ingestible CBD could provide a more restful sleep as it may help relieve both pain and restlessness.

Restlessness: Despite what one might assume, sleeping or resting can be a particularly difficult time for those that have joint pain or stiffness. Certain positions put a huge amount of pressure and weight on their joints, which is why you may often see your dog readjusting or pacing when they would normally be sleeping or resting. By tackling the root issues of disturbed sleep, such as discomfort and restlessness, you may find your dog rests more easily with the use of CBD.

Pain and stiffness: When it comes to joint pain, there are multiple causes. Some of the most common are:

• Degeneration or inflammation of the cartilage

• Stiffening of elastic tissue

• Blood vessels around the joint dilate and become swollen or inflamed

• Formation of calcium deposits near nerve endings that cause pain signals to be sent.   

So how does CBD address these issues? CBD may help relieve symptoms of joint pain and stiffness for your dog by reducing inflammation. It can also work indirectly by increasing energy and appetite, which may motivate your pet to be more active. This combination of reducing inflammation and energizing your pup can be especially useful if your dog needs to shed some weight in order to relieve their joint pain.

What else can I do to relieve hip and joint pain for my dog?

There are a couple of easy solutions that can help make life a little easier for dogs that are dealing with hip and joint pain. Here are a few simple tricks:

• Have a warm space for your dog to rest. This can be having a pet-safe heating pad under a pillow in their usual bed, having a self-warming bed available at all times, or leaving a warm compress (wrapped in a towel or blanket) wherever your dog prefers to sleep.

• Keep your dog slim: This means less pressure on the joints as well as reducing the load, and therefore reducing swelling, on your dog’s joints. However, this does not mean you should underfeed your pet. Rather, try to provide the correct amount of high quality food. If you’re not sure what that is, your vet can help guide you to the right brand and quantity for your dog. 

• Alter your environment: provide ramps, indoor potty alternatives like DoggieLawn or Bark Potty, and use non-slip pads or yoga mats in high traffic areas.

CBD can be a helpful addition to your dog’s usual regimen for joint pain and stiffness because it comes in a variety of forms and may address multiple symptoms at once. But be sure to check in with your vet especially if you are thinking of administering more than one form of CBD or if your dog is taking any other medication. Check out our store to see some products that can help relieve your dog’s itchy skin!

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