Could Hemp Oil Boost Your Dogs Health and Wellness?

5 Lesser-Known Reasons Why Your Dog Might Need Hemp Oil.

Aug 19 2020

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Hemp oil is everywhere these days, and it’s only increasing in popularity thanks to its many health benefits. For pets, hemp oil is used to treat everything from inflammation, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, digestive issues, and nausea. But what else can it handle? Perhaps you’re still on the fence about using hemp oil for your pets, but here are five lesser-known reasons you should be giving your dog hemp oil. 

1. Hemp Can Relieve Skin Allergies

If you’ve noticed your pup has been scratching, biting, or licking themselves repeatedly in certain areas, your dog may be affected by a skin allergy. Genetics, poor hygiene, pollen, parasites, and pet dander (yes, your dog can also be allergic to dander) are the usual causes of skin allergies. 

Ill-equipped, dogs cannot handle skin allergies as well as humans. Since hemp oil interacts with the endocannabinoid system, studies show that hemp oil topicals, infused hemp oil treats, or hemp oils formulated for pets can soothe irritated skin and inflammation. Hemp oil is also incredible for your dog’s coat. It can add some luster and can help alleviate canine hair loss by relieving many of its causes, such as chronic pain and stress, while giving your dog’s immune system a much-needed boost. 

2. Hemp Oil Can Ease Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a severe eye condition. Roughly 40 percent of dogs who have it end up going blind. Dogs that suffer from this condition have high pressure in the affected eye, causing it to enlarge in its socket. 

This pressure, caused by a blockage in the draining of fluid, causes severe pain, impaired vision, and blindness. Often the eye needs to be surgically removed to give your dog relief. Usually, if one eye is affected, the other will surely become affected as well. 

The biggest problem that dog owners face when their pup is suffering from glaucoma is that it is not easy to treat without powerful medication—leading many to seek the anti-inflammatory benefits of hemp oil. 

The anti-inflammation, coupled with the advantages of alleviating chronic pain, can lead to the slowing or stopping of vision impairment. Studies show favorable results that can develop into a treatment for glaucoma. Thanks to the neuropathic abilities found in hemp oil, a vital element in glaucoma treatment, it is a more holistic method for treating such an ailment. 

It’s important to remember that hemp oil products for humans are not the same as those formulated for dogs. Purchase the right products from trusted retailers like Greenwell Pet for your pet. 

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3. It Can Aid in Behavioral Training

It’s common to know that hemp oil can help relieve stress and anxiety. Thanks to its calming effects, it’s been a holistic and therapeutic aid in behavioral training, particularly for dogs that have been through trauma or were never appropriately trained at an early age. When paired with routine behavioral practice, especially for canines with aggressive, territorial behavior, hemp oil has shown effective results. Since many behavioral problems stem from anxiety, it’s no surprise that hemp oil demonstrates such stunning developments on behavioral issues in dogs. 

4. It Helps Treat Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD)

Hemp oil is also known to alleviate stomach and digestive problems like irritable bowel disease (IBD). It can be a serious and uncomfortable illness in dogs that results in diarrhea, vomiting, bloody stools, malabsorption, weight loss, fever, and even depression. Even experts aren’t sure what causes IBD, but theories lie in parasites, stress, genetics, toxins, and debilitated immune systems. It can also occur due to injury or ingesting foreign objects or substances. 

Thanks to hemp oil’s anti-inflammatory abilities, the pain often associated with IBD is remarkably reduced. Where traditional medication fails, hemp oil appears to work effectively. Treating IBD with hemp oil promotes healthy stools, supports digestive health, and maintains a healthy appetite in canines suffering from this ailment. 

Studies show that hemp oil can target irritable bowel syndrome, including the beginning of the disease, how IBD functions, and other issues it may cause. Dogs medicated for IBD can still benefit from hemp oil since it eases many side effects of conventional prescription medications. 

Be mindful that IBD is a very inconsistent illness, and your dog may seem to get better or worse. Despite this, treatment should not be changed based on the inconsistency of the disease.

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5. Hemp Oil Is Good for Their Well Being

Cannabidiol affects the endocannabinoid system (that’s in humans and dogs) and interacts with the brain, the heart, skin, eyes, and stomach. Thus, the body benefits from the extra boost of functionality that hemp oil provides to the endocannabinoid system. 

Dogs benefit from a regulated immune system, decreasing the likelihood of infections and delaying unwanted bacterial growth, often eliminating foreign bacteria. By giving your pup hemp oil, you add to your dog’s longevity and overall well being. 


Research about the effects of hemp oil in dogs is ongoing, though more information regarding its benefits is being uncovered as studies persist. Currently, the FDA does not regulate hemp oil, so it’s important to remember that not all products are safe and effective, with many products advertising false information. Always ask for the Certificate of Analysis (COA) when purchasing a hemp oil product. Trusted retailers like Greenwell Pet often have a page dedicated to posting COA’s.

Before giving hemp oil to your dog, discuss it with your veterinarian to receive the best possible advice. Just keep in mind that veterinarians are not legally allowed to prescribe or even recommend hemp oil products to their clients. 

More importantly, remember the proper dosage of hemp oil is key to your dog receiving the utmost benefits. So, be sure to follow all guidelines. Start with small doses, and carefully monitor your canine for any positive or negative changes in their behavior. 

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