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Greenwell Pet was created by Natalie Youn, founder of DoggieLawn and Bark Potty. As a seasoned business owner working in the pet industry, Greenwell Pet grew out of a concern for the rate and frequency of pet illnesses that she was hearing about from dog owners. When Natalie was confronted with some of the same issues with her own two elderly dogs, Walnut and Mia, she found that there was no convenient and efficient way to shop and compare wellness products.

Our monthly service provides dog owners an easy way to try out different products by sending you a curated box full of wellness related products to help with ailments and preventative health. We know the amount of products available today can be overwhelming. Like us, you might wonder, "How do I know if the products I'm providing my dog with are truly healthy and wholesome?" We do some of the legwork for you by making sure that each product is from a reputable company and the ingredients are not only minimal but also functional. Greenwell Pet is committed to bringing you and your dog the same standard of products that we expect for our own precious pups.